FoundingAUSTIN is a magazine for and about founders and entrepreneurs and masters of their crafts. The mission is to inform, enrich and educate with inspirational stories of the best Austin has to offer. From innovation to best kept secrets to lessons learned from each journey, our goal is to be your introduction to these businesses and thought leaders. We hope our readers will turn to foundingAUSTIN as their first resource for all of their entrepreneurial needs.

Profiles and stories include masters of their crafts, founder success stories, up and comers, and advice for those who are contemplating or have begun an entrepreneurial journey, and general information about products, services, organizations and events of interest to entrepreneurs and founders. Up and Comers are hand-selected for their disruption to our community. Masters and Founders have 5–10 years or 10,000 hours of work at their craft and are able to share knowledge to help others.

Each issue focuses on a theme/word and most of the profiles and stories will have a link to that theme. For example the theme for issue 9 was “Give” and the stories centered on philanthropy. Profiles included John Paul and Eloise DeJoria and their JP’s Peace, Love, and Happiness Foundation, Turk and Christy Pipkin and Nobelity, Jessica Honegger of Noonday and Kathy Terry founder of InLieu. In your articles and profiles please keep the theme in mind as you craft your questions and stories.

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John Paul and Eloise DeJoria

JP’s Peace, Love, and Happiness Foundation. Published in issue 9, “Give.”


Turk and Christy Pipkin

We take a look inside one of Austin's most 'Nobel' nonprofits. Published in issue 9, “Give.”


The Last Word - Kathy Terry

The last editorial page in the magazine goes to ‘The Last Word' and Kathy Terry, founder of the giving app, InLieu. Published in issue 9, “Give.”

In addition to profiles, foundingAUSTIN may include the following features:

  • The fA list with information for founders in the know

  • A Day in the Life (24 hours with a founder)

  • The Last Word (thoughts on the theme written by a founder)

  • Mentor Me (how a mentor influenced or guided a founder)

  • Genesis (the origins or “bright idea” that led to the idea for a product, service or company)

Please familiarize yourself with the magazine and the website before pitching or writing your stories.

Our demographic is upscale, educated, curious and eager to learn about entrepreneurship, trends, innovative products and services and events which will inform and enrich their lives and entrepreneurial journey.

Some areas to cover in your articles include:

Subject’s background especially as it relates to founding their company—if they left another profession what enticed them to become an entrepreneur? Did they come from an entrepreneurial background or family?

Entrepreneur’s journey and lessons learned.  How did they get started? Obstacles? How were they funded? Mentors, classes, or groups that helped. Would they do it again? Looking back what would they do differently? Any personality traits that fostered success or resilience along the way. Lessons learned and secrets to their success.

Passion for entrepreneurship. Where did the passion come from? How do they maintain or sustain their passion for their business? What impact do they hope their business will have for the greater good?

Please note:

FoundingAUSTIN isn’t in the business of telling promotional stories. It’s not our purpose to promote product, rather our #1 focus is to share knowledge and help others from these published stories. Our stories will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We welcome all stories. Coming early 2019, we will have a revamped podcast network and an upgraded website and social media presence to share your story.

If your product aligns with our brand, we may even discuss advertising or partnership opportunities at our event.

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