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Drippy K Song of the Day Gives Followers Something to Listen To

Drippy K Song of the Day Gives Followers Something to Listen To

By: Jake Pool

What defines a playlist? I made mix tapes and CDs back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but it was mostly just a collection of top 40 stuff I heard on the radio compiled to impress friends. It was certainly nothing to brag about, and I definitely wasn’t an expert. Nowadays, with platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, experts in the field of playlists have risen and claimed their section of the blogosphere. I’d like to introduce you to one of those experts.

With more than 4,500 followers on Instagram, Drippy K has posted a song a day for music lovers in Austin and worldwide since February of last year, but there’s more to the playlist than meets the eye – or is it ear? Meet Mike Oellrich, the man behind the Drippy K Song of the Day and a music-loving song aficionado. 

Years back, Mike used to rap and play drums, and, in college, had a great internship with Sony Music in New York. There he helped their team mold new artists and kickstart careers. Unfortunately, after the internship, Sony BMG Music did some restructuring, and Mike lost many of his contacts in the industry. He then moved to Austin and stopped working in music, but the passion was always there.

He got the idea for Drippy K back in 2016 and even began posting a few songs here and there. However, it fell off a bit when life caught up with him. On the suggestion of his wife, he started back again in February 2018 and hasn’t stopped since. Even now with a newborn in the house, Drippy K is picking up steam and going strong.

“Austin brought out my love for music and people always ask me about new artists as they get tired of hearing the same thing over and over.”

Ultimately, Drippy K Song of the Day is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Mike explains that he has worked for many companies over the years but was looking to do something he truly enjoys. “I know it’s cliché, but this is a way to give back and show love for music.”

Through Drippy K, Mike has been able to connect up-and-coming artists with new fans for them to experience something genuine and fresh. He always sends a DM to any featured artist and says that roughly 75% of the musicians respond. Also, when an artist is featured, it is truly their day to shine. Drippy devotes all resources to the artist of the day in the midst of all the other blog posts and playlists featuring other artists. It’s a great connection and a positive way to build another link between music lovers and music creators.

 “I think what makes us unique is that we eliminate the clutter and let the artist have an entire 24 hours all to themselves. I think they appreciate that and why I get such engagement with them.”

His song selection process is simple but succinct and powerful in its essence. 

1)         Does the voice in the song give me goosebumps?
2)         Does it make me want to dance or mosh?
3)         Does the hook or melody stay in my head after listening?

Recently, Drippy K was accepted on the prestigious which he calls the “black or rabbit hole of music discovery.” He has also started to create some genre-specific playlists and is working with an Austin-based supplement company on a workout playlist.

In the future, he hopes Drippy K can move into sponsorship status at festival stages or a Drippy K Concert of the Day. At this rate, founders can expect to attend a Drippy K concert very soon.

Want to get on the playlist? I’ll leave you with these words from Drippy K himself, “I appreciate every follow. I listen to every submission. DM me and I will respond.”

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