At foundingAUSTIN magazine, we know what success looks like: It looks like the many Austin entrepreneurs who are bringing innovation, solutions, and progress to their industries. Every quarter, we bring readers inspiring stories from these business leaders who have learned lessons the hard way and now want to share them with you. These encouraging profiles are combined with capsule introductions to our podcasts and current information for masters and founders who are "in the know" to create a well-rounded resource for all of your entrepreneurial needs.

foundingAUSTIN's First Issue Release Party

foundingAUSTIN's First Issue Release Party

What a night! Fans of foundingAUSTIN came together on Monday, October 24, to celebrate the launch of the first issue of foundingAUSTIN at one of the hottest music venues in Austin - 3TEN ACL Live. The night featured singer-songwriter Allen Stone along with performances by Moorea Maasa and King Charles. 

foundingAUSTIN's first issue offers useful financial information as well as inspiring interviews with the entrepreneurs below.  Download your copy here!

    •    Mike Young - Co-Founder, Hula Hut, Chuy's & Shady Grove 

    •    Wayne Tully - CEO, National Driver Training

    •    Stephen Shang - CEO, Falcon Structures

    •    Mason Arnold - Veggie Nerd, Veggie Noodle Company

    •    Lisa Russell - CEO, Russell Gallery Fine Arts Collection

    •    Brian Balli and Kathy Roche - Owners, CryoFit

    •    Dane Short - CEO, Zymbol 

    •    Kevin Castello and Chris Lowrimore - Best Fit Advisor

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Winter Issue Release Party at the Townsend

Winter Issue Release Party at the Townsend