At foundingAUSTIN, we know what success looks like—it looks like the many Austin entrepreneurs who are bringing innovation, solutions, and progress to their industries. Every quarter, we bring readers inspiring stories from these business leaders who have learned lessons the hard way and now want to share them with you. These encouraging profiles are combined with capsule introductions to our podcasts and current information for masters and founders who are "in the know" to create a well-rounded resource for all of your entrepreneurial needs.


Dan Dillard, Editor-in-Chief

Dan Dillard, founder of foundingAUSTIN, is an Austin-based entrepreneur with a passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs engage their unique ideas and perspectives while enjoying the same freedom, creativity and purpose he’s found through his multiple businesses.   

As founder of VidCast Media and foundingAUSTIN magazine, Dan dedicates his time to educating others in finance and inspiring people to follow their passion and create their own path to success.     When Dan is not at work or hanging out with his 13-year-old daughter around Austin, you'll find him wake-surfing, smoking barbecue, traveling, and exploring the great outdoors. 

In addition to the work he does for fA and his other businesses, Dan also manages the wealth of a select group of clients.

Jordan Steele, Co-founder

Jordan Steele, co-founder/assignment editor/production manager of foundingAUSTIN, is an outdoor-loving family man who brings his own unique spark to Austin’s KEYE TV.

Jordan embodies the spirit of an innovative, adventurous entrepreneur through the work he does with local television stations. In 2010 he pitched and hosted a travel segment called All In A Day’s Drive in Western Oregon. He continued bringing his unique perspective and pioneering mindset to televisions screens through his next show, Road Trippin', an Austin exploration series he did for Sinclair Broadcast Group. Within six months of the show’s start, Jordan jumped into the hosting chair for We Are Austin.

A well-connected and notable force in Austin’s television and entertainment scene, Jordan focuses on spearheading projects that allow him to showcase the passion and success of Austin’s residents and entrepreneurs.

Veronica Castelo, Outreach and Marketing Coordinator

Veronica Castelo, Outreach and Marketing Coordinator

Veronica Castelo, Outreach and Marketing Coordinator

Robin Benoit, Assignment Editor

Briana Loëb, Creative Director